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Welcome to The-Spinning-Wheel.com! Here you’ll find photos of a wide variety of projects, from handspinning to dyeing, mosaic to woodwork. I don’t believe in limiting myself to just one medium!  Please sign up for the mailing list.   (There’s a link over there —>)

I teach classes in most of the media that I work with. I know it’s crazy, but I really do know enough about these things to teach them, and I love to share what I know. Please click on the Events and Classes link to see what I’m teaching in my little city of Pueblo, Colorado.

This site draws together several past website projects of mine.  If anything is for sale, I’ll let you know how to buy it. If I’ve written related articles or tutorials on another website, I’ll link you to those.

Here’s a little history of this site:

Homegrown Arts– This has been my business name for many, many years now, and it encompasses the many different types of art I create.I make fiber art from wool I sheared myself from my own sheep and goats. I make paper from the plants that grow around me. I make dyes with the plants and pigments with the earth, sculptures from fallen tree branches and stones, and generally make… ya know… “homegrown arts!”

Klee — Nothing to do with the famous artist Paul Klee, this is my nickname and is a shortened version of my name, given to me by friends before we were old enough to study famous artists.  I have used it to sign my own artwork since I was little. Klee. That’s me!

The-spinning-wheel.com — I owned a restaurant called The Spinning Wheel, and this url was the website for that. When I closed the business, it seemed like too great a name to let go, so it became my personal art gallery. Some of the posts you see will have a comment “originally posted on”, with an older date, and they came from yet another now-defunct site.

I’m also the creator of  SlowYarn.com, which focuses entirely on Fiber Art, spinning, weaving, dyeing, felting, and the like.

So now, here you are at my gallery site, The Spinning Wheel, home of Homegrown Arts by Klee!  I hope you enjoy the wide variety of things I make.


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