New Project

Originally posted November 4, 2012  (This project was not completed. I hope to return to it if life gets a little more settled.)

Juniper table base


It doesn’t look like much right now, but I see a really amazing coffee table here.  The light patch is where I started to sand it, to make certain that the wood underneath was solid and durable.  Not only is it solid, but it is amazingly beautiful!  I found this Cedarwood stump up on the bluff and it followed me home to play.

cedar wood natural rough


This shows how rough the wood is.  There’s no telling how long it’s been baking in the hot high desert sun.  As usual, I only take wood that is already dead. Cowboys had no such qualms, though.  Many of the branches or trunks that I find on the bluff were cut down many, many years ago by cowboys searching for fenceposts.   I don’t know how long ago that was, but old steel cans and crockery at their campsites tell me that it was not very recent!

cedar wood partly sanded


Here we’re starting to see the beautiful golden red wood that was hidden underneath all that gray weathered surface.

juniper wood


Closeup of the wood that’s revealing its potential.  There is so much color and grain in this wood!  I can’t wait to see it sanded completely and finished with a clear coat.


My plans for the coffee table include a mosaic base, with a lot of the tessarae coming up onto the wood.  There are a number of cavities in the wood that are inviting some special decoration.  After the concrete for the base is cured, I’ll slice the top branches off evenly to hold a coffee table glass top.  I’m really excited about this project.

calcite crystals naturally occurring in septarian concretion

This has nothing to do with the coffee table project, but I saw it up on the bluff today.  These are calcite crystals in a septarian concretion.  It’s sort of an all sedimentary geode that we have a lot of on the ranch.

This is my  Great Pyrenees who guards my sheep and goats.  He wishes I did all my projects outside with him.  I wish he could come inside without being a bull in a china shop!  He is such a lover. A big, clumsy lover.

(note: as of the time I reposted this blog on a different host, he has adjusted to being an in town dog in a small house. I think he’s adjusted better than mom!)

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